Finally, a true game-changer for independent restaurants.

The Concept...

Those who travel, whether it be frequently or infrequently, typically have one thing on their mind after they check in to their hotel... "Where should I eat?" Many travelers are particularly interested in "local flavor," or what independent local eateries are in their area, and whether they're any good... but currently there is no guide to introduce them to these restaurants. That's where we come in...

A Free Local Independent Restaurant Guide.

Every quarter, we will place a minimum of 10,000 copies of Find Local Flavors,a local independent restaurant guide, in every hotel in that area. Independent restauranteurs know that the major restaurant chains can outspend them without even breaking a sweat. We level the playing field... no national chains allowed.

Professional Food Photography

Food is a visual sell. That's why we provide world-class, nationally-recognized food photography services to our advertisers at a huge discount when they join us. Hotel guests, in particular, choose restaurants quite often based on what they see... so show them how mouth-watering and delicous your menu is.

Turn-Key Interactive Websites.

Too many local restaurants either don't have a website, or don't have the time to maintain one. We provide a world-class website that includes those gorgeous images that we will create for you, your menu, and interactive forms for customers to make reservations, etc.